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A sentence using libertine

" A rover, a tgirl rencontre gambler, a libertine, often drunk, he displeased these young dreamers by humming incessantly: "J'aimons les filles, et j'aimons le bon vin.
Would he stop at nothing?He found that he could not take his eyes off of Venarya as she lay there, still sporting that libertine smile.You belong to the coquine reunion Abduction Club-that is what I would call it-you-you libertine!Exhibit B, equally lame, is the difficulty involved with quitting a libertine lifestyle.Maidens and modesty, as I have said, wandered at will alone and unattended, without fear of insult from lawlessness or libertine assault, and if they were undone it was of their own will and pleasure.Only a libertine would steal a handicapped persons wheelchair.Derived forms libertinage (libertinage) or libertinism (libertinism) noun, word origin of ' libertine c14 (in the sense: freedman, dissolute person from Latin lbertnus freedman, from lbertus freed, from lber free).I do not mean to justify myself, but at the same time cannot leave you to suppose that I have nothing to urge-that because she was injured she was irreproachable, and because I was a libertine, she must be a saint.Libertine, calling upon the Supreme Being to justify his Acts!Archbishop Christopher of BrunswickWolfenbuttel (1487-1558 a brutal libertine, hated for his lusts and avarice, looked on the reforming movement as a revolt against himself.You may also like).#libre# free; at will; released; libertine, licentious.Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.Do you want to know what club I think you really belong to-you who have involved one girl after another in rencontre france canada the meshes of this devilish System?

In addition, Patti openly led a lifestyle that flaunted a libertine attitude on social issues.Because Rick is a libertine, he has three wives who are unaware of each other.As he characterized his opponents in general as the "pestilent herd of libertine scribblers with which the island is overrun it is no matter of surprise that the book made him many bitter enemies.Browse other sentence examples).Nor had they asked her, even out of courtesy, why she was so pale or why she awoke with purple rings under her eyes in spite of the fact that she expected it, of course, from a family that had always considered her a nuisance.Example Sentences, learn More about libertine.Herself, because of Hildebrandas libertine behavior, and because she was certain that the carriage was driving in circles in order to postpone their arrival.
Morally dissolute, collins English Dictionary.
In Galilee, the traveling female musicians used by Jews who lived like the Romans were widely known for their libertine ways, many being not much more than prostitutes.

If you enjoy Kat Von D's libertine look, her makeup line opens the door for her look to influence your own.